Looking for bargains?  Then its time to start shopping at Flea Markets!  Let’s face it. The economy is not what it used to be and you need to shop for bargains. So whether you are looking for Flea Market In Ohio or a flea market or swap meet in any other state you are in the right place.  We seek to identify and publish information on all U.S. Flea Markets.  In addition to helping shoppers find flea markets and swap meets we are a member of the Association of Flea Market Vendors.  The Association Of Flea Market Vendors is a resource for entrepreneurs interested in developing their Flea Market or Swap Meet business.

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Outdoor flea markets and swap meets are extremely popular and can be really exciting to attend.  We are compiling a list of all outdoor flea markets and swap meets.  Let us know if your outdoor flea market or swap meet is not on our list.

There are a multitude of indoor flea markets all over the United States.  Over time we will be identifying and getting information about these businesses.  If you have information on indoor flea markets let us know so we can add it to our list.  

Since we are located in Ohio the initial push for building the resources of this site will be in identifying flea markets and swap meets in Ohio.  We own our own Ohio Flea Market, Lima's Gallery 309 located in Lima Ohio.  We are also owners of the Association Of Flea Market Vendors.

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